Waiting: An Anthology

I’m excited to announce that my new essay, “We Come and We Go,” will appear in the Waiting anthology, edited by Rona Altrows and Julie Sedivy. It’s been a long time in the works, so it’s exciting to see this project find a home with the University of Alberta Press.

My essay details what it’s like to be a spouse left behind while my husband has deployed for the last year and I’m so pleased to be included with this amazing list of contributors below:

Alice Major, Currents
Anne Lévesque, Saturday
Anne Sorbie, Whisper Talk
Aritha van Herk, Waiting for the Impossible
Cora Siré, The Past Was a Notebook, Much Scribbled-Upon
Edythe Anstey Hanen, The Escape
Elizabeth Haynes, The Art Hospital, the Floating Hospital and the Burning House
Glen Sorestad, Waiting for Alexandra
Jane Cawthorne, The Next Minute
Jane Harris, Waiting for a Hero
John Graham-Pole, Undeterred
Julie Sedivy, Beyond the Horizon
Kathy Seifert, Sa Ta Na Ma
Kelly S. Thompson, We Come and We Go
Lee Kvern, Heavy Weight of Silence
Leslie Greentree, Tom Petty Just Isn’t There for You: Riffs on Waiting
Lorri Neilson Glenn, Frozen
Margaret Macpherson, Impressions
Patti Edgar, Esperando
Rebecca Danos, Two Women Waiting
Richard Harrison, On the Pleasure of Waiting
Roberta Rees, Bones, Baby
Robin van Eck, Harder, But Still Not Painful
Rona Altrows, Letter of Intent
Samantha Albert, Wait Training
Sharon Butala, Storage
Steven Ross Smith, Waiting for Now: Four Stories
Stuart Ian McKay, in the event of
Susan Olding, Bill of Fare
Vivian Hansen, Telling
Wendy McGrath, Alterations
Weyman Chan, Who Will Find Me

Stay tuned for more news about publishing date, where to buy, and more!

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