Kelly S Thompson offers writing and editing services for any size project. Due to the various factors and needs associated with writing and editing requirements, prices fluctuate based on the size/complexity of each project. Bundling of editing services is also available and student discount rates are also available.

Before starting a project, Kelly will discuss the project requirements with the client, ensuring all needs are met. Kelly will then provide an estimate for the project before beginning work.

Contact Kelly for a quote at any time at kelly(at)kellysthompson(dot)com

Finely crafted fiction and non-fiction, written in most formats including, but not limited to, articles, copy writing, essays, speeches, résumés, novels, blogging and short stories. Kelly specializes in a variety of areas including lifestyle, entertainment, news, military, fashion, health and animals.

Creative Writing Instruction and Evaluation
Kelly can create tailored creative writing programming for various ages and grades with lessons on craft and technique. Kelly also evaluates creative writing pieces and provides input and support for other writers.

Developmental (Substantive) Editing
This is a heavy type of editing, which enhances the concept of your text, ensuring that it has the proper content and organization. This service can include rewriting, research and suggestions for improving the text and is usually done concurrently with the creation of the text.

Copy Editing
This type of editing improves the format, style and accuracy of your text, ensuring it is clear and concise. Errors are corrected and focus is placed on the mechanics of style as well as fact checking.

This type of editing will correct smaller errors in your text such as grammar, punctuation, and capitalization issues and is done once the project is formatted and ready to go to print.

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