Here you can find several links to websites that are relevant to Kelly S Thompson Writing and Editing services. You will find businesses Kelly has been associated with, sites with excellent information for both writers and those in need of writing and/or editing services, and sites where Kelly’s writing has appeared.

Simon & Schuster Canada, publisher of Everyday Heroes, with Jody Mitic, October, 2017. Kelly’s essay, “Basically Broken,” appears in this anthology.

Caitlin Press, which published Boobs: Women explore what it means to have breasts, March, 2016. Kelly’s essay, “Strip, Reveal and Sex Appeal,” appeared in this collection, which also won the Barbara Novak Award for Personal Essay in 2017.

House of Anansi Press, which published Kelly’s short story, “Fluidity,” as it’s own ebook after winner the House of Anansi Press Golden Anniversary Award.

Kelly’s creative writing is represented by Stephanie Sinclair at Transatlantic Agency.

“Under Fire,” a blog for Chatelaine magazine. Written by Kelly, the blog chronicled her experiences as a woman in the Canadian Forces during the years 2010 and 2011.

Kelly is a member of the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society, which aims to promote creative nonfiction throughout Canada.

Kelly is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

Kelly is also a member of the Canadian Women in the Literary Arts, which supports equality in writing, publishing and the industry.

Kelly is the Co-President of the University of British Columbia Creative Writing Alumni Association., the site for the Professional Writers Association of Canada, where users can find, employ and pay for writing services, as well as view writer profiles to suit their needs. There is an excellent link titled “What to Pay a Writer,” where customers can determine the appropriate rates for payment.

Kelly S. Thompson is a proud supporter of Plan Canada, a charity that sponsors children in need throughout the world.



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