Creative Non Fiction Course at Royal Roads- Come learn with me!

You still have time to enrol in my course, Telling True Stories, at Royal Roads University Continuing Education Department. The course is four weeks long, distanced learning, and allows students to explore the creative non fiction genre in all it’s forms, including lyric, flash, memoir, biography, and so much more.

The course description reads:

Everyone has a story, has witnessed a story, or has heard a story. For anyone who prefers the truth behind creative nonfiction, but they aren’t sure where to start writing their own truths, this course will explore different types of creative nonfiction as well as how to use craft and technique writing devices to write real stories.

Creative non fiction is an underrated genre, and we can learn so much from the experiences of others. As a writer who specializes in this form, I’m looking forward to growing and learning with students!

Want to enrol? Great! Sign up at Royal Roads Continuing Education here.

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